Wall Panel Renos Gone Wrong

Wall Panel Renos Gone Wrong

We often talk about how easy StickWall wall panels are simple, quick and easy to install and get it right the first time – even without any DIY, wall panel experience.
Have a look (and a laugh) at these horror stories, with StickWall, it doesn’t have to be like this – enjoy 😊

a) Fibre Cement Boards – Harder Than It Looks.

A lot of fibre cement board websites say how easy it to install, but with sheet sizes of 3.6m x 1.2m and weighing in at a hefty 37kgs it can be downright dangerous... certainly not a one person install, even for the experts.
Have a look at this example where a Redditt user has gone to extreme lengths to make it lightweight and manageable, using all manner of scraps and offcuts. One can only imagine the time and costs of patching and rendering, plus the sanding and painting. There is an easier way.


b) Fixing a Brick Wall

It’s not supposed to be an intricate jigsaw and fixing brick and stone walls are more involved than you might think. Anyone can learn – with hundreds of hours and many years of practice – there is a reason why laying bricks has apprenticeship programs.
Another consideration is the age and condition of the bricks and don’t forget to match that mortar.
StickWall can be simply installed over brickwork due to its self-adhesive wall panel feature, without the need for an apprenticeship.



c) Think You Can Plaster, or Render a Wall?

A bit like bricklaying, it looks easy enough, mix a bit – stick a bit?
That’s not even talking about all the mess and cleaning up after. Even if you are reasonably skilled, have you thought about that high part of the wall? Sounds like a difficult wall renovation method.
Even if you do an OK job, don’t forget to sand, seal and paint.. and after all that it will still look like a boring plastered wall.
StickWall is well,,,, sticky - and it would even fix this rendering problem with a brilliant finished and sleek look, in no time at all. No experience needed, this is ideal for a feature wall panel renovation.


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