StickWall™ for large commercial projects

StickWall is certified to Group 1 fire rating in accordance with AS ISO 9705:2003 & AS 5637.1:2013. Group 1 is the highest achievable fire rating and is suitable for use in fire exits and fire control rooms.

StickWall™ is ideal for large commercial projects due to its speedy and no mess installation, and the fact it can be installed by most tradespersons, eliminating the need for highly specialist installers.

Suitable for commercial spaces, restaurants, hospitality venues, reception areas and large residential builds StickWall™ will deliver an innovative and attractive finish for the most demanding of architects and designers.

If you have a commercial inquiry, for a volume much higher than a usual retail purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us. And we can work out in conjunction with Bunnings the best way to supply.

Commercial Offices
Reception Areas
Large Residential Builds
Hospitality Venues
Local Government Facilities

Save time, money and achieve a brilliant, luxury wall finish on your next commercial project.
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To make life easier and simpler, our StickWall experts have provided this handy reference guide offering product insights, quick tips and advice, covering the many different situations where StickWall can be installed.

You may already know that StickWall is Group 1 fire rated and also waterproof making it ideal for a variety of applications, read on for some additional points of difference that StickWall offers for your custom project – even as a café wall covering which you can read about below.

StickWall is a Fireproof Wall Covering

We all need peace of mind and probably the most important attribute for the most sensitive of installations is that StickWall is certified a Group 1 fireproof wall covering product to Australian standards AS ISO9705:2003 – AS 5637.1:2013.

What this means is that StickWall can be used in fire sensitive areas such as egresses in Aged Care facilities making it the ideal fireproof wall covering.

Top Tip: Want to make your project / tender submission look even better? – Ask for a copy of the StickWall Group 1 – fireproof wall covering certificate to attach to your tender.

Wet Areas, Bathrooms – Even Showers!

It’s completely waterproof, simply ensure the joints are adequately filled with a thin bead of waterproof silicone and you are good to go, with StickWall providing a fully waterproof wall covering. What you might not be aware of is the secret and expertly engineered 20-degree “reverse bevel” around the perimeter of each panel to ensure water cannot penetrate the surface.

As StickWall is a commercial wall covering, and very durable, it is ideal for large traffic wet areas too.

Tip: The thin bead of silicone only has to be approximately 1mm in diameter and cannot be seen after installation.

Quiet Café / Bar / Restaurant – Or Noisy Café / Bar / Restaurant? – It’s Your Choice

A buzz and good vibe of a hospitality venue is crucial in creating the right atmosphere for customers, however there is a delicate balance in getting this right so that everybody can be heard over the hum.

StickWall can reduce noise by up to 10 dB – which is significant and makes it an ideal cafe / bar / restaurant wall covering.

The Expert Says – To give this some context, as an example, every increase of 10 dB on the decibel scale is equal to a 10-fold increase in sound pressure level (SPL).

Offices / Corridors / High Traffic Areas

You might have already seen one of the StickWall videos where its impact resistance is demonstrated by hitting it with a hammer and StickWall remains unscathed – making it an ideal and extremely durable commercial wall covering for busy areas including offices where chairs may impact the walls and corridors where equipment may be ferried along.


StickWall is impact resistant, provides a waterproof wall covering and significantly reduces noise as explained in the Café section – need we say any more?

Aged Care / Child Care Facilities

A fireproof wall covering is probably the most important feature of any product used in these sensitive environments and StickWall provides peace of mind with approved fire certification to; Group 1, Australian standards AS ISO9705:2003 – AS 5637.1:2013.

Coupled with being both durable and providing a waterproof wall covering – kids activities such as misguided crayoning are easily washed off using soap and water.

Tip: Cleaning is quick and easy with normal soap and water – no need for detergents or scouring agents.

Commercial Toilets and Washrooms

Even these most exacting of environments is no problem. StickWall being a durable, hard wearing and waterproof wall covering is an ideal low maintenance solution for toilets and bathrooms.


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