Hey, Timber Wall Panelling – What’s All the Fuss About?

Timber wall paneling
Fair play Timber Wall Panelling (TWP) – you are in the news lately and for those that may not know, TWP is a wall panelling that needs painting (several times), can be difficult to handle in the larger panel sizes and needs a frame or battening out to fix to the wall and cannot be used in direct wet areas – such as showers.

When using timber wall panelling, the painting alone is a process that requires a lot of patience; undercoat then sand, top coat then sand – and possibly another coat of paint, or varnish if you have been rushing. TWP is also combustible :(

There is an easier, quicker and safer way!

If you are under pressure to finish a wall project ahead of time, under budget and with a luxury finish? - Have a look at StickWall which is a fully finished wall lining, also waterproof and certified with a Group 1 fire rating for added peace of mind.

StickWall can also reduce noise by up to 10 decibels which is ideal in a café / hospitality or multi-residential environment to keep the noisy neighbours quiet.

Best of all, StickWall doesn’t take a specialist trade to install, doesn’t need battening out – and it’s very quick, simple and easy to handle. With StickWall there is no wrestling with very large panel sizes unlike with TWP panelling which can be a two-person job and involve heavy lifting.

StickWall, luxury, wall panels, fully finished, rapidly installed and a much simpler way to complete a stunning wall project.

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