FAQ’s - About StickWall™

Are there any specialist tools required?

No, StickWall™ does not require the use of specialist tools. You only need a cutter (sharp knife), pencil, setsquare, level and silicone gun for application.

Is it necessary for a professional to install StickWall™?

It is not necessary for a professional to install StickWall™. Following the steps on the Installation Guide and take your time to achieve a high quality finish.

Can I install StickWall™ by myself?

Yes, StickWall™ is easy to install, you just need some basic tools. We recommend to read the Installation Guide to understand how to install the product.

Can StickWall™ be installed outside?

Yes, as long as the product is not exposed to continual direct sunlight. If the product is likely to get wet occasionally, please refer to the “Wet Area / Trim Installation” guide as to how to ensure StickWall is waterproof.

Can StickWall™be installed in any place of the house or building?

Yes, wherever indoors. StickWall™ can be installed in; living areas, bedrooms, corridors, attics, garages, bathrooms (including showers)*, kitchen**, or other areas.

*The installation in bathrooms where the water may be in contact with the panels (shower area) it is necessary to apply transparent silicon anti-water solution to each edge, before applying each panel.

This ensures the panels are sealed, avoiding the penetration of the water and stopping mold in the future.

**To install in kitchens, never install close to a gas oven. The cooker should be induction. If close to a cooktop, it may be necessary to protect the panels on the wall with a refined glass or stainless steel splashback in order to avoid direct contact.

Can StickWall™ be installed in the shower?

Yes, StickWall™ is 100% water resistant. It is recommended that the installation be on permanent walls in order to stay totally fixed in order to avoid water seeping through, behind of the wall. It is also recommended to apply water proof silicon all around the perimeters of the panel during installation of each panel.

What is the best way to buy StickWall™ for my project?

The StickWall™ production process has a high level of quality control, however, please note there may be slight colour changes between different production batches of StickWall™. It is recommended to purchase all your StickWall™ requirements at the same time to avoid any potential issues.

General: The StickWall™ production process has a high level of quality control, however, please note there may be slight colour changes between different production batches of StickWall™. It is recommended to purchase all of your StickWall™ requirements at the same time to avoid any potential issues.

Can StickWall™ be installed around fireplaces?

es, StickWall can be installed around fireplaces. (As long as the fireplace has been installed by a licensed tradesperson in accordance with the relevant standards). If the fireplace has an open flame, it is recommended to follow the kitchen installation guidelines which can be found in at https://stickwall-8057.myshopify.com/pages/diy-installation

We recommend that before installing each panel, to apply water proof silicone around the perimeter of each panel to avoid water penetrating the join.

It is necessary to follow these guidleines;
– Before installing, ensure the walls are free of damp, greases or recesses which can affect the perfect adherence of the panels.
– It is not recommended to install on uneven surfaces.
– It is mandatory apply the Primer on the walls when it is installed on coated, plaster, cement, wood or laminated or any porous surface
It is mandatory to use the adhesive recommended on the packaging.

Yes, one of the advantages of StickWall™ is its adaptation to any surface. The installation on ceramic tiles it is necessary to clean the surface, to ensure it is free from any dirt, grease or paint before fixing the panels.

Yes. It is receommned to spatula or a sharp tool in the joint between bevels and separate the panels slowly from the wall.

No, the wall has to be clean and free of damp to avoid the detachment of the panel..

StickWall is certified to Group 1 fire rating in accordance with AS ISO 9705:2003 & AS 5637.1:2013. Group 1 is the highest achievable fire rating and is suitable for use in fire exits and fire control rooms.

Yes, StickWall™ can be easily cut by carefully using a Stanley knife (or similar), or easier still, by using a powered mitre saw (using fine tooth blades) that will make the cuts even quicker. For any holes a normal drill will be fine. See the online installation guide for complete details. https://stickwall-8057.myshopify.com/pages/diy-installation.

StickWall™ can be installed vertically, horizontally, or even in a diamond or herringbone pattern. Simple refer to the on line installation guidelines and videos for additional information.

Yes, StickWall™ can be delivered directly to your home or business anywhere in Australia, or, if you are in WA, it can be collected from our head office. Simply select delivery or pickup when checking out.

Absolutley, we offer up to 5 samples for $10. This can be ordered online from our website and they will be express posted to you straight away! The best part is, the $10 is fully creditable against any future StickWall orders, making the samples essentially free!.

StickWall™ comes in multiple sizes and finishes. They Include: Timber - 915 x 185 x 7mm - 10 Panels Per Pack (Approx 1.7sqm). Stone and Marble: 610 x 305 x 6.5mm - 9 Panels Per Pack (Approx 1.7sqm) AND 800 x 400 x 6.5mm - 5 Panels Per Pack (Approx 1.6sqm)

Yes, StickWall™ reduces noise significantly, by as much as 10 dB – which is significant. Making it ideal for cafes / restaurants, bars and gyms. To give this some context, as an example, every increase of 10 dB on the decibel scale is equal to a 10-fold increase in sound pressure level (SPL).

StickWall™ Maintenance FAQ’s

The panels can withstand temperatures between 5 and 45 degrees.

In a kitchen environment, ideally the kitchen should have an induction cooktop. However if you are to install StickWall™ near a gas stove, or heated cooking source – it is recommended that StickWall™ is protected from the direct heat whilst cooking by using a portable or fixed splashback manufactured from splashback glass, stainless steel or similar.

Yes. There is a thermal insulation benefit and with respect to sound, it can reduce by approximately 10db.

Yes. It is free from dust.

The panels are easy to clean. It is recommended to use neutral soap or soap solution without abrasive products as ammonia, bleach, etc.

It is optimal if the installation is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Yes. You can combine colors, designs and formats to create personalised designs, achieving unique designs combining wood, stone and ceramic appearances.

Yes. We recommend to perform test prior, in order to avoid any alteration on the product and achieved the desired outcome.

The bevel is to create the most realistic comparison to natural ceramic tiles and help with installation.


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