What To Do? - Work on an easy DIY project, or to holiday over Xmas?

What To Do? - Work on an easy DIY project, or to holiday over Xmas?

Why not do both? - 4 Tips to Succeed

If you plan properly, the festive season and New Year can be an ideal time and opportunity to get some easy DIY projects started and finished.

If you are one of the lucky ones you may have a fair bit of time off and have additional holidays around this time of year. If so, you might want to plan to finish a project you have been thinking about for the previous 12 months which can be quite exciting and also add value to your home for an extra special reward.

Check out these 4 tips for success;
1. Check your project suppliers are open, working and have stock of what you want.

This is easy with StickWall self-adhesive wall panels – their online e-commerce portal is easy to use, and with stock available around the country for delivery right to your door – you can order whilst you are still in bed. – There is not even any demolition preparation, ensuring a clean job with no disruption, simply install these super easy, DIY wall panels over existing surfaces.

2. Enjoy Xmas While You Wait

Delivery will only take a couple of days – so make sure you fuel load with mince pies and Christmas cheer in the meantime. Although you will not need much effort and energy to install StickWall, you
don’t want to dehydrate.

3. What Time Do You Have? – Be Realistic

Now you have committed to adding value to your home with StickWall, DIY, luxury wall panels, make sure you don’t burn out. Installation won’t take long, so definitely no need to put in consecutive 12- hour days. Ideally plan a couple of hours here and there and you will be fresh at every stage – and no mess along the way, it’s easy to stop and start. Remember you have to play with the kids toys too.

4. It Will Be Easier Than You Think – What Next?

When finished, you can step back and admire the great job you have done and how easy StickWall was to deliver that complete and stunning wall transformation – what’s next? – You have the whole of 2023 to keep adding value, wall by wall, room by room. “StickWall it”

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